Wilson University

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A Message from the President

There is an innate desire in healthy humans to better themselves.   For this reason, people seek work that contributes to meaningful progress.  Political groups, health care organizations, teaching professions, service-providing businesses, etc., all desire to contribute meaningfully to the betterment of mankind.  However, their influence in an individual’s life ends with death.  They seldom or never deal with the issues of “ultimate concern”.

In contrast, students of the Word are “head over heels” in things too wonderful to exhaust!  The gospel of Jesus Christ is the most staggering Good News ever revealed to man.  It deals with the deepest core issues of human need with thoroughness and completeness.  Its depth is incalculable, its breadth breathtaking, its height dizzying.  It is a high privilege to be able to explore such divine revelation.

With this in mind, Wilson University has made a commitment to strive for uncompromised excellence in leading students to know Jesus Christ more deeply and thus become one with Him and His mission.

Again, welcome!  We trust that this website provides helpful and informative guidelines as you prepare for a life of Christian service.

Living in victory,

Nathaniel J. Wilson, EdD